Nanomedicine, the application of nanotechnology and biotechnology to medicine, is a rapidly expanding field of research with great promise for making meaningful changes in the way we treat many diseases including cancer. Targeted nanomedicines capable of selectively delivering  radiotherapies to tumours in a precision medicine approach are particularly appealing as these enhance tumour treatment while limiting unwanted off-target effects. We have recently developed a variety of targeting approaches, where we are able to decorate the surface of either nanomaterials or tumours with ligands able to enhance nanomaterial tumour accumulation (Figure). This project will work to further develop these targeting strategies, and improve our understanding of bionano interactions by studying the cellular interactions of nanomaterials within the tumour and clearance organs in the body.

PET-CT image demonstrating enhanced tumour localization of pre-targeted nanomedicine (bottom panel) compared to conventional targeting approach (top). Arrowheads highlight tumours.