Despite the remarkable ability of nanomedicines to diagnose and treat disease, activation of the immune system and the development of innate and adaptive immunity against specific subsets of nanomedicines is a significant unresolved challenge. We have recently developed an approach to monitor and overcome these immune responses in mice (Figure), however further evaluation and expansion of this strategy is required.

This project will expand and further develop this strategy to encompass new types of nanomedicines and will apply it to disease models such that we can work towards improved therapeutic outcomes for patients.

PET-CT image demonstrating nanomedicine biodistribution in naïve mice (top panel) compared to mice with an adaptive immune response (middle panel), and mice employing our immune-evasion strategy (bottom panel).

Nanomedicine, molecular imaging, polymer, bioengineering, immunology, biomedical research

Supervisor names

Professor Kristofer Thurecht
Acting Deputy Director, Technologies (CAI)
Group Leader (AIBN)
Thurecht Group

James Humphries
PhD student
Thurecht Group

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