In vitro Genome Engineering and Disease Modelling Service, UQ Node, Phenomics Australia

The In vitro Genome Engineering and Disease Modelling, UQ Node is located within the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) and offers bespoke solutions for researchers and industry to assist in the tailoring and optimisation of cell culture format using pluripotent stem cells.

The University of Queensland’s In vitro Genome Engineering and Disease Modelling service enables Australian researchers and the biopharmaceutical industry to use pluripotent stem cells to study and test the impact of genetic mutations on disease. The service's adaptable and scaleable disease-modelling platform will also enable improved drug screening capabilities.  

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Phenomics Australia provides a broad panel of in vivo and in vitro genome engineering and disease modelling, functional genomics and high-throughput screening, biobanking and pathology services and technical expertise, for discovery and a new understanding of the molecular basis of disease to benefit all Australians. More information about Phenomics Australia services can be found here.

For more information, email Queensland node leader Professor Ernst Wolvetang