National investment to produce revolutionary
mRNA therapies at UQ


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Solving society’s problems through sustainable materials, healthy living and translational success.

The University of Queensland's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is an integrated multi-disciplinary research institute bringing together the skills of world-class researchers in the areas of bioengineering and nanotechnology.

AIBN seeks to deliver innovative solutions to society's problems through sustainable materials, healthy living and translational success.


Latest news

Needle-free technology, originally developed at the AIBN, has been used to administer a COVID-19 vaccine candidate to successfully protect mice, demonstrating the potential of non-invasive delivery.
Faster-charging and more sustainable batteries with a life up to three times greater than lithium ion are being built with technology developed at AIBN.
University of Queensland scientists have published the clinical trial data confirming their molecular clamp-stabilised vaccine technology was safe and potentially effective.


Women in Science at AIBN

Female researchers are essential and valued contributors to the AIBN. We recognise that as women you may face unique challenges as you develop your research career, and we aim to provide a number of initiatives to support you in developing and achieving a fulfilling research career at the institute.
How we support women in science




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