Science with Style: AIBN floor manager rocks frocktober

23 Oct 2017

AIBN’s Level 5 floor manager Dr Colette Godfrey has raised over $900 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) as part of their annual frocktober campaign.

Frocktober, held during the month of October, invites people to wear their favourite dresses while raising funds for the OCRF.

Colette has been participating in frocktober for three years, inspired in memory of a colleague who passed away in 2014.

“I started contributing to the frocktober campaign in memory of Denisa Jurcakova.  She was a research fellow on level 5 of AIBN and passed away from ovarian cancer.” Colette said

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the sixth most common cause of cancer death affecting women in Australia.

There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, so it is usually diagnosed later stages resulting in a low survival rate.

“After Denisa died I found out that the symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague and the same as some common, less serious health problems.”

When Colette found Frocktober on social media she realised it was a great way to use her sewing talents to make a difference.   

“I don’t usually wear dresses to work since my job often involves tasks like climbing ladders or crawling under tables, but this month I’ve been wearing dresses to help raise awareness. Frocktober is not only about raising money.”

Colette, an avid sewer, made all the dresses she wore.

Colette also organises a host of social events during the month to encourage awareness and donations for frocktober including a morning tea at AIBN, which gave staff and students a chance to don a dress and donate, raising over $300.

At AIBN we are working on a number of ways to detect and treat cancer including a pan-cancer diagnostic, as well as improved delivery methods for cancer drugs.

Colette’s frocktober fundraising page is accepting donations until the 31st October.

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