AIBN Professor Yusuke Yamauchi named one of Australia’s Top 40 Researchers

22 Oct 2019

AIBN Professor Yusuke Yamauchi has been named as one of Australia’s Top 40 Researchers in a special ‘Stars of Research’ report published by The Australian.

Professor Yamauchi has been recognised for his work in the field of chemistry and the advances he is making in the design of

Professor Yusuke Yamauchi
Professor Yusuke Yamauchi

nanocrystals and nanoporous materials, which have a wide range of applications in renewable energy technologies.

In particular, over the last 15 years he and his colleagues have optimised the conditions for preparing a wide variety of uniquely structured metals at the nanoscale.

“By combining metals with organic substances, we can easily prepare metallic porous materials with greatly enhanced reactive surface areas,” says Prof Yamauchi.

These advancements are gaining a great deal of global attention for good reason.

“Currently, many researchers in the world are paying close attention to these developments because such materials have numerous potential applications, from batteries and fuel cells, to photonic devices and chemical sensors,” he explains.

Prof Yamauchi says he is honoured to be named as one of Australia’s top researchers.

“I am very surprised and happy to know this news,” he says.

AIBN Director, Professor Alan Rowan, is delighted to see Professor Yamauchi recognised as one of Australia’s ‘Stars of Research’.

“It is an incredible achievement,” he says.

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