Congratulations 2020 Graduates

30 Jul 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 AIBN Graduates 

Dr Aini Syahida Mat Yassim, Marcellin Group
Improved Virus and Protein Yields Using Insect Cell Technology:  Genetically Engineered Insect Cell Lines Stably Expressing Anti-Apoptotic and Anti RNAi Genes

Dr Amir H Farokh Niaei, Bernhardt Group
Enhancement of the performance of rechargeable batteries by proposing new materials

Dr Guangze Yang, Zhao Group
Core-Shell Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery and Controlled Release

Dr Jianye Fu, Yu Group
Synthesis and characterization of novel silica nanoparticles for delivery applications

Ms Jing Geng, Yu Group
Study on the lyophilization process of silica nanoparticle-based DNA formulations

Dr Jing Wang, Trau Group
Engineering Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Strategies for Liquid Biopsy Analyses: A Step Towards Precision Medicine in Cancer Management

Dr Kamil Reza Khondakar, Trau Group
SERS-microfluidic assay for rapid profiling of cancer biomarkers

Dr Masih Rashidi, Martin Group
Renewable chemicals and fuel additives from lignin: an interplay of lignin structure, valorisation, and upgrading

Dr Mostafa Kamal Masud, Yamauchi Group
Nanoarchitectured Point-of-Care Detection System for Clinically Relevant Biomarkers

Dr Matthew Neil Henry, Mahler Group
Engineering Chinese hamster ovary cells for improved antibody productivity by modulating feedback regulation of the secretory pathway

Dr Nicolas Eugenio Zaragoza, Marcellin Group
Understanding toxin production in Clostridium tetani: a systems approach 

Dr Nicole Monica Dawn van der Burg, PhD, Hons I, BSc, Monteiro Group
Reducing allergic airway inflammation with high-density microprojection array skin patches

Dr Wang Haofei, Zhao Group
Biomimetic chip platform for studying drug delivery systems

Dr Mu Xiao, Wang Group
Development of new photocatalysts with efficient utilization of charge carriers

Dr Arukattu Patabandige Gayathri Rukshani Ediriweera, Thurecht group
Development of Polymeric Theranostics using Bioorthogonal Chemistry

Dr Amal J Sivaram, Thurecht Group
Design and synthesis of nanomaterials as combination therapeutics

Dr Rebecca Lane, Trau Group
Extracellular Vesicles as Circulating Breast Cancer Biomarkers

Dr Harish Padmanabhan, Cooper-White Group
In vitro optimization of osteogenic differentiation outcomes from human mesenchymal stem cells

Dr Waqas Aslam, Wang Group
Value-adding to stranded carbon resources via catalytic conversion of syngas into oxygenated fuels

Dr Yanheng Wu, Xu Group
Developing inorganic nanoplatforms for efficient siRNA delivery to improve cancer immunotherapy

Dr Yilun Wu, Xu Group
Developing lipid-coated calcium carbonate/phosphate hybrid nanoparticles as a gene/drug co-delivery platform for combined cancer therapy

Dr Yun Liu, Zhao Group
Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

Dr Zhengying Gu, Yu Group
Engineered iron-based nanomaterials for macrophage-centred anti-cancer application