UQ bringing the Australian leaders driving RNA therapeutics for healthcare advances together

5 April 2022


The success of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines has demonstrated the potential of RNA therapies – and the University of Queensland is driving research and developing facilities to realise the potential.

BASE Director Associate Professor Tim Mercer and BASE researcher Dr Romain TropeeThe Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is bringing Australian experts in the field together to discuss the changing landscape of mRNA therapies, manufacturing and the impact on our society.

AIBN research facility BASE will host an RNA Afternoon on Thursday 7 April with a panel of research experts from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and contributions from industry partners.

BASE Director, AIBN Associate Professor Tim Mercer, said RNA provided a new strategy for treating many cancers as well as genetic and infectious diseases.

“We are already witnessing some breathtaking advances in the field,” Dr Mercer said.

“BASE is already manufacturing mRNA for researchers across Australia and New Zealand.”

Dr Mercer said RNA science had the potential to develop better, more personalised treatment – with experts at facilities such as BASE at the cutting edge.

BASE manufactures products such as messenger RNA, plasmid DNA and double-stranded RNA that can be tailored, with small batches for pilot research studies, or larger ones for industry to translate and commercialise.

The RNA Afternoon will feature presentations from Dr Mercer, Monash University’s Professor Colin Pouton, UNSW Sydney’s Professor Palli Thordarson and a panel discussion also featuring UQ’s Professor Neena Mitter.

The afternoon starts at 1pm on Thursday 7 April. For more information, visit the AIBN events page.