UQ Biosustainability Hub

Riding the bio revolution to reshape our lives, transform the economy and solve serious global problems.

The UQ Biosustainability Hub, a collaboration between research and industry, will help the world’s biggest companies transition to net zero.

Our team works with industry to create economically viable biological solutions to some of the world’s most serious challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create economically viable biotechnological opportunities for every company that wants to transition to net zero.

By the end of the decade, synthetic biology could be used extensively in manufacturing industries that account for more than a third of global output- a share of $30 trillion in terms of value. The UQ Biosustainability Hub aims to capture a piece of that market share and drive a new industry in Australia.

This hub is a piece of cutting edge research infrastructure and it houses research expertise, combined with industry relationships with projects not seen anywhere else in Australia.

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Professor Esteban Marcellin

Director of the Biosustainability Hub


Mariko Terasaki Hart

Biosustainability Hub Manager


Our Focus

The UQ Biosustainability Hub’s five focus areas are:

  • Food and beverage: Agri-Food

    Meat and milk without animals

  • Gas fermentation: Clean energy

    Bioethanol from greenhouse gases

  • Synbio mining: Mining

    New biological processes for mining

  • Biofuels: Clean energy

    Jet fuel produced in Australia

  • Digital Biology: Digital twins

    Computer aided design of biological systems