Biosustainability: Reshaping our lives

Researchers at the AIBN are using synthetic biology to help the world’s biggest industries transition to net zero in a cutting-edge, Australian-first facility called the Biosustainability Hub. 

The hub is a one-stop-shop for industry to partner with our research teams to create carbon neutral and economically viable products and materials. 

Bringing together established UQ researchers and some of the world’s biggest companies, the hub’s focus includes greener biofuels, clean energy applications, animal free meat and milk products, more sustainable mining technologies and sustainable materials; all projects which are backed by the most up to date synthetic biology processes in the world, including the conversion of waste products and waste gases using reprogrammed bacteria to ‘eat’ greenhouse gas waste. 

This agenda setting infrastructure houses research expertise and industry relationships that will drive innovation and research translation and ensure Australia’s transition to a net zero future is both swift and commercially viable. 

By the end of the decade, synthetic biology could be used extensively in manufacturing industries that account for more than a third of global output- a share under $30 trillion in terms of value. 

This hub will position Australia to be part of this economic shift. 

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