Energy storage: Solving the clean energy puzzle

AIBN researchers have created world leading ‘quantum dot’ technology for electricity conversion to deliver significant upgrades on traditional solar cell technology, changing the game for a range of consumer and energy applications. 

Lightweight, cost effective, and able to work on cloudy days or under indoor lighting, our quantum dot application has proven to be 25 per cent more efficient than previous conversion records and is the platform on which we are developing a flexible solar ‘skin’ printed on flexible sheets.

A breakthrough in materials science, this transparent skin is an extremely promising commercial product that can be applied to windows and other surfaces, offering modern power solutions for phones, electric vehicles, and larger power sources like rooftop solar.

It is one example from a suite of commercially viable technologies our researchers are developing to deliver practical energy solutions and help industry and households cut carbon emissions.

We have also created perovskite nanocrystal technology delivering unbreakable glass for lighting LEDs and phone, television and computer screens and our researchers are supercharging renewable energy applications to boost solar fuel hydrogen production, deliver high efficiency low cost solar cells, and vastly improve the performance and lifespan of high voltage Li-ion batteries. 

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