Welcome to Giving Day 2023

Tiny brains in a dish are helping to save lives. Get behind the researchers who are making it happen.

In supporting the AIBN Organoid Research Fund, you are accelerating crucial advances in personalised medicine, including groundbreaking new treatments for serious diseases and hereditary conditions.

The fund supports our world-leading researchers to continue their work in the field of human-derived organoids: tiny, synthetic human organs that serve as miniature replicas for the brain, spinal cord, lung, heart, kidney or liver.

Through the design, production and study of organoids, AIBN researchers are able to develop technologies to more effectively diagnose disease, while also unlock new methods to deliver therapies and cures to patients.

The AIBN’s Professor Ernst Wolvetang is a pioneer in the field of pluripotent stem cell biology, being among the first to bring human embryonic stem cells to Queensland.

He says the AIBN Organoid Research Fund will help researchers unlock new cures and treatments and ultimately cement the AIBN as a leader in the field of personalised medicine.

“Using organoids to make personalised therapies - and test them in a lab before we apply them to patients - that’s a game changer,” Professor Wolvetang said.

“This is a medical technology that has the potential to save lives and we are leading the charge.”

 How will your donation help?

$50 will buy two pathogen-free tipboxes that our researchers use for vital pipetting work

$100 will buy a medium supplement that our researchers use to make brains

$500 will buy an antibody that our researchers use to detect specific brain cell types in organoids

$1,000 will enable the transcriptional profiling of a brain organoid. When our researchers put 15 of these together, they can create a roadmap of how brain development is impacted by a DNA mutation or a virus


With your help, we can help cure the currently incurable and build a better future for vulnerable patients, one organoid at a time.