Invest in an entrepreneurial future

Our industry partners can build their business by connecting with a talent pipeline of high-performing and job-ready future employees and hosting them for internships and placements.

AIBN is producing entrepreneurial scientists in partnership with the Liveris Academy as part of the UQ Entrepreneurial PhD Top-up Scholarship.

It builds on our track record of industry partnering and product development, including projects with Boeing, GE, Mackay Sugar Ltd and IOR Energy. It means we understand your needs, your processes and challenges – and those of your competitors.

How you benefit

Partnering with us can grow and improve your business by:

Developing a talent pipeline of high performing and job-ready future employees.

Hosting specialist PhD students for internships and placements, enabling them to contribute new ideas, research practices and fresh perspectives.

Helping build your team’s leadership and supervisory skills through mentoring of the PhD students.

Establishing new industry connections through events facilitated by AIBN and the Liveris Academy.

Building an ongoing relationship with AIBN that may involve mutual benefit through consultation, collaboration, contracting or knowledge sharing.

Accessing AIBN’s internationally recognised scientists and cutting-edge facilities.

Gaining recognition for your generosity as a named partner of the top-up scholarship.

How to partner with us

Developing capability among deserving PhD candidates starts when you partner with us. Options include:

  • Funding a top-up scholarship to the value of $50,000 ($10,000 a year stipend for four years plus $10,000 for a global industry placement experience) to support a student to undertake specific professional development activities focussed on commercialisation and entrepreneurship with the Liveris Academy. We can also work with you to shape an opportunity to host a scholar for a 60-day industry placement.
  • Combining the $50,000 top-up scholarship with a PhD scholarship to attract high-quality students for research in an area that meets your strategic priorities – or awarded on your behalf to a deserving student.

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Hear from Michaela on her motivations for joining the program and how entrepreneurship will benefit her future career.

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