Structural biochemist with a skillset used for protein modelling and structure generation

After completing a Biomedical science degree at Queensland University of Technology, Nic went on to complete a PhD at QUT in the Cartilage Regeneration Laboratory. His PhD, which investigated the complex molecular structure of gelatin-based hydrogels, was completed at the end of 2022.


Bachelor of Biomedical science (Major Human Biochemistry)

Doctorate of Philosophy, QUT


Leahy D, Grant C, Jackson A, Duff A, Tardiota N, Van Haeften J, Chen X, Peake JM, Kruppa MD, Smith ET, Johnson DA, Lott WB, Harris JM. Discrimination of Methionine Sulfoxide and Sulfone by Human Neutrophil Elastase. Molecules. 2021 Sep 2;26(17):5344. doi: 10.3390/molecules26175344. PMID: 34500777; PMCID: PMC8434204.

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