Design and fabrication of nanostructured materials for biomedical applications

With the recent advances of nanomedicine, the design and fabrication of nanostructured materials has drawn much attention for efficient drug delivery. Hao Song's research focuses on the synthesis of silica nanomaterials with designed nanostructures (e.g. surface roughness, porosity, morphology), with which nanostructures these nano-carriers exhibit intriguing physicochemical properties for biomedical applications (e.g. strong cargo binding, controlled release, surface adhesion).

Hao Song obtained his B. Sc. and M. Eng. from China University of Petroleum (East China) in 2010 and 2013 respectively under the supervision of Professor Zifeng Yan, during that time he focused on the synthesis of hierarchical porous molecular sieves. Then he started his PhD study in the University of Queensland from 2013 under the supervision of Professor Chengzhong (Michael) Yu. His research interest is the design and fabrication of nanostructured materials for biomedical applications. Hao Song has co-authored 16 SCI papers, has one patent, and was awarded the IMMS-9 best poster award and 8th ISNSC best ECR/ student oral presentation award. He was also awarded the graduate school international travel award, undertaking academic visits to University of Innsbruck and University of Oxford in 2016.

Key Publications

  1. Hao Song, Yusilawati Ahmad Nor, Meihua Yu, Yannan Yang, Jun Zhang, Hongwei Zhang, Chun Xu, Neena Mitter, Chengzhong Yu. Silica Nano-Pollens Enhance Adhesion for Long-Term Bacterial Inhibition. Journal of American Chemical Society, 2016, 138:6455-6462. (Highlighted by C&EN “Nanopollens pack a sticky antibacterial punch) Yao Wang, Hao Song, Chengzhong Yu, Hongcheng Gu. From Helixes to Mesostructures: Evolution of Mesoporous Silica Shells on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes. Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28:936-942.
  2. Yannan Yang, Stefano Bernardi, Hao Song, Jun Zhang, Meihua Yu, James C. Reid, Ekaterina Strounina, Debra J. Searles, Chengzhong Yu. Anion Assisted Synthesis of Large Pore Hollow Dendritic Mesoporous Organosilica Nanoparticles: Understanding the Composition Gradient. Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28:704-707. Hongwei Zhang, Meihua Yu, Hao Song, Owen Noonan, Jun Zhang, Yannan Yang, Liang Zhou, Chengzhong Yu. Self-Organized Mesostructured Hollow Carbon Nanoparticles via a Surfactant-Free Sequential Heterogeneous Nucleation Pathway. Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27:6297-6304.
  3. Yannan Yang, Meihua Yu, Hao Song, Yue Wang, Chengzhong Yu. Preparation of Fluorescent Mesoporous Hollow Silica-Fullerene Nanoparticles via Selective Etching for Combined Chemotherapy and Photodynamic Therapy. Nanoscale, 2015, 7:11894-11898.