Designed synthesis of silica nanoparticles as nano-carriers for bio-applications.

In recent decades, the efficient delivery of large molecules has drawn extensive attention. Limited by the poor stability and cell-membrane impermeability of large biomolecules, delivery vehicles are highly desired to immobilize the molecules and improve their delivery efficiency. Yue Wang is devoted in the designed synthesis of MSNs with tailored structure and improved therapeutic performance in bio-applications.

Yue obtained the Bachelor degree in bio-engineering at Tianjin University. In 2016, Yue completed the MPhil study at the University of Queensland (UQ) in biomedical engineering under the supervision of Professor Chengzhong (MIchael) Yu.

Industry Engagement and Collaborations

Yue Wang is working on one project industrial cooperated with Anpario plc (UK).

Key Publications

  1. Yue Wang, Yusilawati Ahmad Nor, Hao Song, Yannan Yang, Chun Xu, Meihua Yu and Chengzhong Yu*, Small-sized and large-pore dendritic mesoporous silica nanoparticles enhanced antimicrobial enzyme delivery, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2016, 4, 2646-2653 (IF: 4.872)
  2. Yannan Yang, Meihua Yu, Hao Song, Yue Wang and Chengzhong Yu*, Preparation of Fluorescent Mesoporous Hollow Silica–Fullerene Nanoparticles via Selective Etching for Combined Chemotherapy and Photodynamic Therapy, Nanoscale, 2015,7, 11894-11898 (IF: 7.76)
  3. Jiao Wang; Yue Wang; Qiang Liu; Linnan Yang; Rongrong Zhu; Chengzhong Yu* and Shilong Wang*, Rational Design of Multifunctional Dendritic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles to Load Curcumin and Enhance Efficacy for Breast Cancer Therapy, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (Manuscript ID: am-2016-084009.R3, accepted on 13-Sep-2016) (Contribute to the preparation of nanoparticles in this work)(IF: 7.145)
  4. Yusilawati Ahmad Nor, Hongwei Zhang, Swasmi Purwajanti, Hao Song, Anand Meka, Yue Wang, Neena Mitter, Donna Mahony and Chengzhong Yu*, Hollow mesoporous carbon nanocarriers for vancomycin delivery: understanding the structure-release relationship for prolonged antibacterial performance, Journal of Materials Chemistry B (Manuscript ID: TB-ART-07-2016-001778.R1, accepted on 03-Oct-2016) (IF: 4.872
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