Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery System

Fatemeh Movahedi’s research is to develop a new nanoplatform to efficiently deliver albendazole for cancer therapy. Initially recognised as an anti-parasitic drug, albendazole has recently emerged as an anticancer agent. However, the application is limited due to poor water solubility while formulating albendazole into nanoparticles is considered as a promising approach. Lipid-coated calcium phosphate (LCP) nanoparticles are a good  albendazole carrier and delivery vehicle due to biodegradability, biocompatibility and target capability. Her research is focused on optimising LCP nanoparticles to carry albendazole and enhancing the delivery efficacy in vitro and in vivo for cancer therapy.

Fatemeh Movahedi is currently doing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Zhi Ping (Gordon) Xu.

Key Publications

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