Synthesis of advanced functional materials and their applications

The Yu Group, led by Senior Group Leader Professor Chengzhong (Michael) Yu, has a research focus on the designed synthesis of advanced functional materials and their applications in drug delivery, bio-analysis, environmental protection and energy storage. Additionally, the Group has worked with a number of collaborative partners to explore commercial applications of their work through innovation in nanomaterials.

The Yu Group focusses their research across Agriculture nanotechnology and Advanced materials which are two of AIBN’s Five Pillars of Research.





Tailoring Silica Nanomaterials to Immobilize Lipase as High-performance Feed additives

Supplemental enzymes have become common additives to animal feeds. Among these enzymes, lipase aids fat digestion and subsequent improvement of feed efficiency and animal growth.

Synthesizing metal oxide based adsorbent for arsenic sequestration

​Arsenic is one of the heavy metal pollutants that affects millions of people across the world.

DNA vaccines delivered by hybrid nanoparticles for cancer immunotherapy

DNA vaccine shows multiple advantages over conventional live-attenuated or killed vaccines, especially in prevention against chronic infectious diseases and cancer diseases, for which traditional vaccines could not offer required cellular immunity while DNA vaccine could fulfil this demand.

N4 Pharma

N4 Pharma is a drug reformulation company focused on developing and out licensing new versions of existing and novel high value drugs with an unmet commercial or medical need


Elanco Animal Health is a global leader in the discovery and development of products that improve animal health, performance and well-being.


Anpario offers products that work in harmony with the natural aspects of the animal’s biology to promote healthy growth.


Ellume is a health technology company that commercialises quantum dot based diagnostics to enable real-time detection of common conditions, such as influenza, strep throat, and chlamydia.