Dr. Tongen Lin specialises in Li-ion batteries, including cathodes and anodes, and redox flow batteries. Dr. Lin also has rich experiences in advanced characterization techineques for battery materials, such as electrochemical analysis, microscopes, X-ray analysis, and in-situ Synchrotron rediation characterizations.

Dr. Tongen Lin is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and School of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Sichuan University in 2013, and later obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Queensland in 2016. Then he continued his PhD study and was awarded a doctorate degree in 2023. Dr. Lin’s research focuses on next-generation high-performance battery systems, including li-ion batteries and redox flow batteries.


Dr. Lin has been involved in industry-focused research projects, including 3 Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program (CRC-P) projects and 2 Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage projects. In the past years, Dr. Lin has worked with Baosteel Australian, Printed Energy, Pure Battery Technology, VSPC Ltd, Energy Storage Industries - Asia Pacific, and Graphinex to develop battery systems.

Key Publications

Faster activation and slower capacity/voltage fading: a bifunctional urea treatment on lithium‐rich cathode materials

Understanding and Control of Activation Process of Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials

On the disparity in reporting Li-rich layered oxide cathode materials

Featured projects Duration
Advanced Iron flow batteries for stationary energy storage