​Iron flow batteries are one of the most promising choices for clean, reliable, and cost effective long-duration energy storage. One of the key obstacles for large scale commercial deployment is the low round-trip energy efficiency caused by the competitive side reactions during battery charging. The project aims to address this issue by engineering the negative electrode-electrolyte interface with functional materials to improve battery performance and thus further reduce the cost of energy storage. Expected outcomes include new materials and methods for advanced battery technology and manufacturing. The success of the project will significantly support the national priority of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Research Group

Luo Group


Iron flow batteries; energy storage; functional materials




Project members

Project lead


Dr Bin Luo

ARC Future Fellow & Group Leader
Luo Group



Dr Masud Rana

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow
Luo Group

Xiyue Peng

PhD Student
Luo Group

Tongen Lin

Wang Group

Cailing He

Masters Student
Luo Group