Silica based nanostructures for cancer therapy

Dr Zan Dai is focusing on the design and synthesis of nanostructured materials for cell biological and biomedical applications.

Dr Zan Dai achieved his master degree from Wuhan Institute of Technology. His major was chemical engineering. He is now focusing on material synthesis for  biomedical applications

Key Publications

  1. Zan Dai, Fan Qin, Huiping Zhao, Fan Tian, Yunling Liu and Rong Chen*, Time-dependent evolution of the Bi3.64Mo0.36O6.55/Bi2MoO6heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic activity via the interfacial hole migration, Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 11991-11999.
  2. Zan Dai, Fan Qin, Huiping Zhao, Jie Ding, Yunling Liu, and Rong Chen*, Crystal Defect Engineering of Aurivillius Bi2MoO6 by Ce Doping for Increased Reactive Species Production in Photocatalysis, ACS Catal., 2016, 6, 3180-3192.
  3. Jie Ding, Zan Dai, Fan Qin, Huiping Zhao, Shuai Zhao and Rong Chen*, Z-scheme BiO1-xBr/Bi2O2CO3 photocatalyst with rich oxygen vacancy as electron mediator for highly efficient degradation of antibiotics, Appl. Catal. B Environ., 2017, 205, 281-291.
  4. Jie Ding, Zan Dai, Fan Tian, Bo Zhou, Bin Zhao, Huiping Zhao, Zhiquan Chen, Yunling Liu and Rong Chen*, Generation of VBr'VBi'''VO'' defect clusters for 1O2 production for molecular oxygen activation in photocatalysis, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2017, 5, 23453-23459.
  5. Shuai Zhao, Zan Dai, Wenjin Guo, Fengxi Chen, Yunling Liu and Rong Chen*, Highly selective oxidation of glycerol over Bi/Bi3.64Mo0.36O6.55 heterostructure: Dual reaction pathways induced by photogenerated 1O2 and holes, Appl. Catal. B Environ., 2019, 244, 206-214.
  6. Zan Dai, Qiaoyun Wang, Jie Tang, Rui Qu, Min Wu, Haoze Li, Yannan Yang, Xu Zhen and Chengzhong Yu, A Sub-6 nm MnFe2O4-dichloroacetic acid nanocomposite modulates tumor metabolism and catabolism for reversing tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment and boosting immunotherapy, Biomaterials, 2022, 284, 121533.
  7. Zan Dai, Qiaoyun Wang, Jie Tang, Min Wu, Haoze Li, Yannan Yang, Xu Zhen, Chengzhong Yu, Immune-regulating bimetallic metal-organic framework nanoparticles designed for cancer immunotherapy, Biomaterials, 2022, 280, 121261.
  8. Zan Dai, Jie Tang, Zhengying Gu, Yue Wang, Yang Yang, Yannan Yang, Chengzhong Yu, Eliciting immunogenic cell death via a unitized nanoinducer, Nano Letters, 2020, 20, 6246-6254.
  9. Min Zhang, Zan Dai, Shevanuja Theivendran, Zhengying Gu, Liang Zhao, Hao Song, Yannan Yang, Chengzhong Yu, Nanotechnology enabled reactive species regulation in biosystems for boosting cancer immunotherapy, Nano Today, 2021, 36, 101035.
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