Computational and theoretical molecular science: coarse-grained lipid-protein modeling

Shern focuses on using coarse-grained moelcular dynamics to model proteins and how they interact with cellular membranes, using coarse-graining and biased sampling to increase computational efficiency. He is currently applying these techniques to understanding caveolae, small pits in cell membranes crucial for mechanosensing and mechanoresponse which have been implicated in diseases such as cancer, muscular dystrophies, and diabetes.

​Shern completed his Bachelor in Philosophy (Physics) at the Australian National University, with his Honors thesis focused on using fluctuation theorems to model nonequilibrium dynamics of optical-trapping containers. 

Key Publications

  1. ​Biomimetic autonomous enzymatic nanowalker of high fuel efficiency M Liu, J Cheng, SR Tee, S Sreelatha, IY Loh, Z Wang ACS Nano 10 (6), 5882-5890 (2016) How Well Can DNA Rupture DNA? Shearing and Unzipping Forces inside DNA Nanostructures
  2. SR Tee, Z Wang ACS Omega 3 (1), 292-301 (2018) Mechanosensing Potentials Gate Fuel Consumption in a Bipedal DNA Nanowalker
  3. SR Tee, X Hu, IY Loh, Z Wang Physical Review Applied 9 (3), 034025 (2018)
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