Stephen specialises in computer simulations towards advancement in the theory and application of nonequilibrium molecular dynamics

​Stephen's research deals with understanding the nuances and limitations of computational molecular dynamics simulations and developing improved methods and implementations. This includes modelling of systems such as those undergoing flow, as well as studying the theory behind statistical mechanics treatment of non-eqequilibrium systems.

​Stephen is currently a Research Fellow in the Bernhardt group at the University of Queensland. He completed a double degree in electrical engineering and physics at James Cook University. His PhD was also at James Cook University under the supervision of Prof. Ronald White and Dr Bronson Philippa, as well as the University of Queensland's Prof. Paul Burn and Prof. Alan Mark. His PhD focused on using kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations of charge and exciton dynamics, coupled with atomistic molecular dynamics deposition simulations to establish a better understanding of structure-property relationships in organic semiconductors, particularly organic light-emitting diodes.


​Stephen is part of a team working on a Pawsey Centre for Extreme Scale Readiness (PaCER) project, VISCOUS, which aims to bring improved support for modelling large systems undergoing homogeneous flow. He is also part of a team which was awarded a $20,000 Engaging Science grant for a project which will bring computational chemistry workshops to secondary schools throughout regional Queensland.

Key Publications

​Sanderson, S., Petersen, C. F., & Searles, D. J. (2023) Machine learning a time-local fluctuation theorem for nonequilibrium steady states.  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Volume 2023, Issue 8, 083A01.

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Sanderson, S., Vamvounis, G., Mark, A. E., Burn, P. L., White, R. D., & Philippa, B. (2022) Understanding the performance differences between solution and vacuum deposited OLEDs: A computational approach. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 156(21), 214703.

Sanderson, S., Vamvounis, G., Mark, A. E., Burn, P. L., White, R. D., & Philippa, B. (2021) Unraveling exciton processes in Ir(ppy)3:CBP OLED films upon photoexcitation. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 154(16), 164101.

Sanderson, S., Philippa, B., Vamvounis, G., Burn, P. L., & White, R. D. (2019). Understanding charge transport in Ir(ppy)3:CBP OLED films. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 150(9), 094110.