Stephen's research at UQ focuses on using and developing computer simulations towards advancement in the theory of nonequilibrium molecular dynamics.

​Stephen is currently a Research Fellow in the Bernhardt group at the University of Queensland. He completed a double degree in electrical engineering and physics at James Cook University. His PhD was also at James Cook University under the supervision of Prof. Ronald White and Dr Bronson Philippa, as well as the University of Queensland's Prof. Paul Burn and Prof. Alan Mark. His PhD focused on using kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations of charge and exciton dynamics, coupled with atomistic molecular dynamics deposition simulations to establish a better understanding of structure-property relationships in organic semiconductors, particularly organic light-emitting diodes.

Key Publications

​Sanderson, S., Philippa, B., Vamvounis, G., Burn, P. L., & White, R. D. (2019). Understanding charge transport in Ir(ppy)3:CBP OLED films. The Journal of Chemical Physics150(9), 094110.

Sanderson, S., Philippa, B., Vamvounis, G., Burn, P. L., & White, R. D. (2019). Elucidating the effects of guest-host energy level alignment on charge transport in phosphorescent OLEDs. Applied Physics Letters115(26).


​Stephen's PhD was supported by funding from an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship