Jeryn is developing methodologies to help decipher the contribution of structural and functional changes in the brain to factors known to modify disease progression in patients with MND.

Jeryn’s primary focus of her academic career thus far has been at the intersection of bioinformatics and biomedical research. Her first research project, with Associate Professor Jessica Mar as her supervisor, focused on comparing key methodologies in novel integration tools for single-cell RNA sequencing data. During this time Jeryn was awarded first-place prize in the Stem Cell Hackathon 2019, a AMSI CHOOSEMATHS grant and a BioC2020 travel award. In 2020, she began a major research project with Dr Frederik Steyn and Dr Shyuan Ngo as her supervisors. Here, she shifted her attention to neuroinformatics and clinical research for motor neuron disease (MND). Having already established core skills in big data analysis she is currently implementing her skills in a translational research setting. By continuing to build research skills that are highly transferrable between disciplines, her longer-term goal is to establish an academic career by developing a research niche that integrates informatics analyses with clinical data to accelerate knowledge gain, and to improve outcomes for people living with neurodegenerative diseases.