Project summary

There is increasing evidence to suggest that metabolic imbalance contributes to earlier death in MND. We are currently conducting a multi-centre study that assesses the energy needs of people living with MND.

Projects in this arm of our research program investigate whether an imbalance between energy use at rest, the energy cost associated with eating, digesting and absorbing energy from food, and the energy used during physical activity in MND patients can affect the rate of disease progression. Knowledge gained from these studies will allow us to identify novel targets that we can modify to help the body to sustain optimal energy needs throughout the course of disease. In the long-term, this will help us to develop rational strategies to improve energy balance in MND, which will ultimately improve prognosis for MND patients.

By investigating energy balance in MND patients, we are developing a greater understanding of how changes in energy use impacts on the rate of disease progression.


Project members

Lead Investigator

A/Prof Shyuan Ngo

Group Leader
Ngo Group

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Cory Holdom

PhD Student
Ngo Group

Sally Neville

PhD Candidate
Ngo Group

Jeryn Chang

Phd Candidate
Ngo Group

Dina Wickremeratne

Research Project Coordinator
Ngo Group