Mingchao Wang specialises in multi-scale computational mechanics/materials and chemo-mechanics in energy and soft materials

​My research interests mainly focus on multi-scale mechanics/materials modelling of functional and engineering materials/structures under extreme conditions, and their applications in energy harvesting/conversion, soft sensors/machines, and sustainable environments. Both mechanics/thermodynamic models and multi-scale computational methods have been combined to understand their multi-physical (electro-chemo-mechanical) behavior and provide insightful guidance on the optimal design of materials/structures and their scalable manufacturing routes.

​Dr. Mingchao Wang received his BEng (Engineering Mechanics) from Dalian University of Technology (China), and his PhD (Mechanical Engineering) from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). After PhD graduation, he moved to Florida State University (USA) to work as Postdoctoral Associate for 2 years, and then back to Australia to take a Research Fellow position at Monash University (Australia). He is now working as Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the supervision of Professor Debra Bernhardt.