Molecular Neuroscience

Saber's research focuses on the role of phospholipid-modifying enzymes in cellular membrane trafficking in neurons under healthy conditions and in a diseased state. In addition, Saber is trying to understand the role of lipid-modifying enzymes in SARS-CoV-2 virus replication, assembly, and release. He is using a combination of approaches from biochemistry and cell biology, as well as gene editing and advanced imaging techniques to reveal how cellular membrane trafficking and virus assembly are regulated by specific classes of phospholipases.

​Saber graduated from the Faculty of Science, Assiut University 2013, then worked as a teaching and research assistant at the Faculty of Science, Assiut University 2014-2017. He got his Master's in Molecular Cell Biology Faculty of Science, Assiut University 2017. Saber visited Prof Toshiro Okazaki's laboratory as a visiting researcher at Kanazawa Medical University, Japan 2018. He is a Ph.D. student at the University of Queensland, Australia 2021 - present.

Key Publications

  • Abdel-Rahman, E.A., Hosseiny, S., Aaliya, A., Adel, M., Yasseen, B., Al-Okda, A., Radwan, Y., Saber, S.H., Elkholy, N., Elhanafy, E. and Walker, E.E., 2021. Sleep/wake calcium dynamics, respiratory function, and ROS production in cardiac mitochondria. Journal of advanced research31, pp.35-47. 
  • Sayed, I.M., Seddik, M.I., Gaber, M.A., Saber, S.H., Mandour, S.A. and El-Mokhtar, M.A., 2020. Replication of Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) in Primary Human-Derived Monocytes and Macrophages In Vitro. Vaccines, 8(2), p.239.
  • Saber, S.H., Ali, H.E., Gaballa, R., Gaballah, M., Ali, H.I., Zerfaoui, M. and Abd Elmageed, Z.Y., 2020. Exosomes are the Driving Force in Preparing the Soil for the Metastatic Seeds: Lessons from the Prostate Cancer. Cells, 9(3), p.564.
  • Joensuu, M., Wallis, T.P., Saber, S.H. and Meunier, F.A., 2020. Phospholipases in neuronal function: A role in learning and memory? Journal of neurochemistry, 153(3), pp.300-333.
  • Khalifa, A.R.M., Abdel‐Rahman, E.A., Mahmoud, A.M., Ali, M.H., Noureldin, M., Saber, S.H., Mohsen, M. and Ali, S.S., 2017. Sex‐specific differences in mitochondria biogenesis, morphology, respiratory function, and ROS homeostasis in young mouse heart and brain. Physiological reports, 5(6), p.e13125.