Project Summary

Bacterial multidrug efflux pumps are the bacteria’s first line of defence against the action of antimicrobials. However, very little is currently known about the function and substrate range of these efflux pumps. This project will examine different multidrug efflux pumps to uncover the structural basis of substrate specificity and transport. It will examine the impact of bacterial membrane modifications on bacterial multidrug efflux pump function, and how peptide- and/or polymer-based antimicrobials inhibit multidrug efflux pumps and disrupt membrane integrity. Other avenues of investigation include characterising the effect of lipid modifications in antimicrobial resistance, and computational drug design of lead new candidates for antimicrobial design. This project uses a range of computational techniques, primarily multiscale molecular dynamics simulations.

Project members

Professor Megan O'Mara

Senior Group Leader
O'Mara Group