Project summary

This project aims to develop a new solar rechargeable Zinc-Bromine flow battery for better utilization of the abundant yet intermittently available sunlight. The key design is to create a solar-driven photoelectrochemical process to convert the discharged electrode materials back to their charged states and realise the direct storage of solar energy. Expected outcomes include new solar driven rechargeable technology and photoelectrode materials, as well as new knowledge generated from collaborations across materials science, photoelectrochemistry and nanotechnology disciplines. Further advances in functional materials for solar energy storage will assist in addressing the global energy shortage and mitigating environmental pollution.

Researchers outside AIBN

A/Prof Yun Hau Ng (CityUHK)

Prof Dr Michael Giersig (IPPT-PAN)

Project members

Lead investigator


Associate Professor Bin Luo

ARC Future Fellow & Group Leader
Luo Group

Researchers involved


Dr Xia Huang

Advanced Queensland Research Fellow
Wang Group