Queensland Biotherapeutics Pipeline


Every groundbreaking innovation begins as an idea. At the AIBN our unique approach to biotechnology means we can streamline the journey from an idea to a commercial product.

With a world class roster of researchers, infrastructure, and commercial insights, the AIBN is a one stop shop for industry partners looking to advance their concepts into new medicines, therapies, fuels, and food.

At the AIBN, we already know that Queensland is home to a thriving biomanufacturing ecosystem and our scientists are at the forefront of new discoveries in therapeutics and vaccines that have the potential to change the way we diagnose and treat disease.

This is enabled by an established pipeline for the translation of biotherapeutics, providing industry partners broad capability to advance their concepts in new medicines, therapies or diagnostics.



The Queensland Biotherapeutics pipeline combines research expertise, world-class infrastructure and capabilities, along with commercial insights to streamline the journey from idea to discovery to delivery and on to clinical trials with real-world health outcomes.