BASE facility: engineering a new generation of therapies and treatments

As the biggest supplier of mRNA vaccines and therapies for research in Australia, the AIBN’s BASE facility is well-positioned to lead the world in mRNA translation for biotechnology firms. 

The highly customisable mRNA platform has proven a quick and affordable pipeline for new vaccines and therapies - evidenced by soaring demand for BASE’s products since the team was established in 2021 – while the platform is also expected to be a decisive factor in future treatments for cancers and infectious and genetic diseases. 

A complete pipeline for mRNA technology and services 

BASE has so far delivered more than 300 vaccines, therapies and reagents for scientific, clinical and industry partners and is committed to building new technologies to improve the translation, stability and performance of mRNA. 

The facility is in itself a complete pipeline for mRNA product development. 


With a state-of-the-art laboratory backed by The Medical Research Future Fund, BASE researchers are equipped with end-to-end capabilities to deliver mRNA products, from their initial design through to Phase 1 clinical trials.

BASE scientists provide helpful support at each step in the design and manufacturing process.

They manufacture custom mRNA vaccines and therapies according to client specifications, including mRNA design and experimental support, small and large-scale mRNA manufacture, and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation. 

BASE also stocks a range of off-the-shelf mRNAs that provide useful controls during experiments – including reporter, model antigens, and genome editing mRNAs.

All mRNA and LNP batches produced at BASE undergo rigorous testing that measure critical mRNA quality attributes, including identity, purity, yield, contamination and integrity.

Its comprehensive analytical services are supported by a quality control team with experience analysing hundreds of diverse mRNAs.

A gateway for global progress in mRNA technology

BASE has a firm footing in the growing mRNA industry, which was worth $55 billion in 2022 and tipped to grow to $107 billion globally by 2030.
The team is working to ensure the next generation of mRNA vaccines and therapies will be built here in Queensland, but also that the world’s biggest biotech companies will turn to AIBN researchers when they’re looking to make the next medical advance.

BASE works closely with the $280 million Translational Science Hub located in Brisbane, a collaboration that links our world-class researchers with Sanofi scientists in France and the US, placing the team at the forefront of global vaccine development and biomedical research.

BASE is also fast building a network of industry connections to improve the services on offer, including projects with Oxford Nanopore Technology, Sartorius, and DNA Script. 

BASE is also supported by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) through Therapeutic Innovation Australia, which supports the development of mRNA candidates as part of the Pipeline Accelerator voucher scheme. Successful applicants receive up to $50,000 matching funds to develop mRNA drug candidates with BASE research and manufacturing services.

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