From sunscreens to vaccines, most of the modern technology we rely on today is dependent on our ability to precisely manufacture complex molecules with precise chemical properties. However, conventional batch synthesis approaches have number of common limitations – process complexity and cost, excessive consumption of resources such as time and reagents, poor reproducibility, and more. Safety issues can also play a major role when the reaction in concern is exothermic and potentially explosive due to the large volumes involved in batch manufacturing. To address these challenges, we have developed a unique, ground-breaking technology for molecular manufacturing via digital catalysis that will not only enable precise on-demand synthesis of existing, widely used chemicals but will also enable the exploration of entirely new chemical systems. Built on our extensive experience in nanotechnology, biochemistry, electrochemistry and microfluidics, this technology will redefine the landscape of chemical synthesis and manufacturing.

Our interdisciplinary team, led by ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Matt Trau, is seeking passionate and motivated PhD scholars to join us in unlocking the transformative potential of this technology. Interested students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills across a broad set of fields - including nano-fabrication, computer simulation, physical chemistry and molecular biology.’

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