With the rapid development of nanotechnology, nanomaterials (NMs, 1-100 nm or generally extended to 500 nm in one or more dimensions) have been broadly applied in various fields. More than 1600 products containing nanomaterials are available in the market. Some have already been used in commercial products for industrial, environmental, occupational, consumer and healthcare applications, or extensively examined as drug delivery vehicles for human treatments. A key organ of concern, from the perspective of the NM safety, is the liver, as this is where NMs mainly accumulate (70-90%) on entering the body, but the potential adverse impacts of this accumulation are not well understood. Accordingly, it is critical to gain insights into how the nature of NMs affects the handling by each type of liver cells at the cellular level. Thus, the aim of this project is to study the interaction of nanoparticles with live cells and spatiotemporal distribution of the NMs in the liver with the nature of the NMs.

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nanotechnology, nanomaterials, xu group

Supervisor name

Professor Zhi Ping (Gordon) Xu
Senior Group Leader
Xu Group

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