2017 AIBN science image contest winners

12 Jul 2017

Imagination and creativity play an important role in scientific research, so it’s no surprise to that AIBN is not only home to great scientists, but also a number of wonderful artists. The 2017 AIBN Science Image Contest received more than 40 entries, using a variety of imaging techniques, including positron emission tomography-computed tomography, 3D computer modelling, atomic-force microscopy, confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The entries ranged from the stunningly beautiful to the thought provoking to the downright quirky.

First place in the contest went to PhD Student Nick Hong Seng Lee with his image of silicon micro projections at 250μm.

Nick works with the Kendall group looking at understanding electrical responses of the human skin for applications in novel diagnostic medical devices. The ultimate goals of his research include designing and testing new miniaturised devices that interface with epithelial tissues in the skin for extracting bioimpedance information and biopotential signals.

Another stand-out entry was Caizhi Liao’s SEM capture of a Micro-Kangaroo fabricated by the Nanoscribe system. Liao’s image was awarded a well-deserved special creativity prize by the judges. The Kangaroo was around 15 micrometres in height, which might make it the smallest kangaroo the world!

These spectacular scientific images provide a glimpse of a world within ours, and show a more artistic side to our researchers. AIBN’s world class facilities give our researchers the opportunity to generate and capture these stunning images. Check out the gallery below to see all 40 amazing entries.