Beauty of science unveiled through images

25 Nov 2020


A colourful landscape with a large rock in the centre or intestinal microfold monolayer cells?

The 2020 AIBN Science Image Contest has highlighted the role imagination and creativity play in scientific research.

PhD student Jie Tang overcame almost 30 entries to claim first prize with her stunning landscape-like image which is, in fact, intestinal microfold monolayer cells.

landscape-like image which is, in fact, intestinal microfold monolayer cells.

Second place was awarded to Aleksandr Kakinen for their computer-generated image of Activated graphene/metal composite.

And third place, submitted by Mirella Simoes Santos, illustrated simulation of a reverse micelle in benzene. Molecular simulations like this help us see through the smallest systems and understand the most fundamental phenomena.

The winner of the people’s choice vote was Sukitha Kothalawala, who captured a TEM image of fractal silica nanoparticles. These are a new type of rough nanomaterials known as fractals-in-a-sphere. 

This image was captured at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis housed at AIBN, and coloured using image editing software. 

These 2020 AIBN Science Image Contest provides a glimpse of a world within ours, and show a more artistic side to our researchers.

AIBN’s world-class facilities give our researchers the opportunity to generate and capture these stunning images, including 3D computer modelling, confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy.

You can see all the entries for this year’s contest in our Facebook gallery.