Centre for Personalised Nanomedicine

By bringing together cutting edge research from the fields of Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology, Clinical Research and Health Economics, the vision of the Centre for Personalised medicine (CPN) is to become a world leader in this field as well as a catalyst for change in the local and international medical system. 

It is now well documented that patient survival rates dramatically improve, and the cost of treatment dramatically decreases when disease is detected and treated at an early stage (e.g., survival for cancers detected early is as high as 90-98%, compared to 10-20% if the cancer is detected at  a late stage).  In nearly all forms of cancer, early diagnosis can lead to a cure at a fraction of the cost of currently ineffective treatments for late stage disease. 

The Centre focuses primarily on nanobiotechnology research, development and commercialisation.  

Centre for Personalised Nanomedicine members