His research focuses on constructing portable rechargeable aluminium batteries by improving assembly technology, including design separators, and optimizing electrodes

Nashaat specialises in the design and synthesis of functional nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage systems. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. He commenced his PhD project in July 2021 under the supervision of Professor Chengzhong Yu and Dr Xiaodan Huang, which focuses on design of flexible and functional membrane separators for next-generation rechargeable aluminium ion batteries.


Nashaat works closely with the Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) Ltd. on the design of novel aluminium-ion batteries through the ARC Linkage project (LP190101279) "Enabling Next-generation Rechargeable Aluminium-ion Batteries".

Key Publications

Three-dimensional interconnected binder-free Mn–Ni–S nanosheets for high performance asymmetric supercapacitor devices with exceptional cyclic stability
Nashaat Ahmed, BA Ali, M Ramadan, NK Allam,  ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (5), 3717-3725.

Electrospun mesoporous Mn–V–O@ C nanofibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor devices with high stability
M Samir, Nashaat Ahmed, M Ramadan, NK Allam,  ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (15), 13471-13480.

Optimized electrosynthesis approach of Manganese-Nickel-Cobalt chalcogenide nanosheet arrays as binder-free battery materials for asymmetric electrochemical supercapacitors
Nashaat Ahmed, BA Ali, NK Allam , Electrochimica Acta 396, 139191.

Enabling two-electron redox chemistry of P-type organic cathode for high-capacity aluminium-ion batteries
Y Kong, C Tang, C Lei, AK Nanjundan, S Chen, Nashaat Ahmed, D Rakov, A Du, ...,  Nano Energy 102, 107727.

Boosting the cyclic stability and supercapacitive performance of graphene hydrogels via excessive nitrogen doping: experimental and DFT insight
Nashaat Ahmed, A Amer, BA Ali, AH Biby, YI Mesbah, NK Allam,  Sustainable Materials and Technologies 25, e00206.

Supercapattery electrode materials by Design: Plasma-induced defect engineering of bimetallic oxyphosphides for energy storage
AA Saleh, Nashaat Ahmed, AH Biby, NK Allam,  Journal of colloid and interface science 603, 478-490.