Controlled preparation of calcium phosphate (CaP) nanoparticle and its applications in drug delivery

Jie Tang has developed a dual-functional drug delivery nanoplatform based on lipid-coated calcium phosphate (LCP) nanoparticles (NPs), which increases the cellular uptake efficiency and further enhances the siRNA transfection efficiency. LCP NPs are loaded with therapeutic siRNA and drugs, and functionalised with combination of target ligands.  For example, dual tumour-targeted ligands and dual clot-targeted peptides are conjugated to LCP NPs, respectively, for enhanced target delivery and amplified delivery to tumour cells and tumour tissues. These nanoparticles achieved enhanced and precise targeted delivery to MDA-MB-468 human breast tumour in model nude mice. In conclusion, her project does not only focus on the development of facile modification of LCP nanoparticles with multiple tumour-targeted ligands but also provides some guidelines for the design of highly efficient delivery systems of diagnostic and therapeutic cargoes for various biomedical applications.

2013.10- present: PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, Modifying Lipid-CaP-NPs with multiple ligands to amplify tumour targeting in vivo, under the supervision of Prof Zhi Ping (Gordon) XU; 2010.9- 2013.7: M.S. in Pharmaceutics, West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University, Preparation of a calcium phosphate modified nonviral gene delivery system, under the supervision of Prof Yuan HUANG (The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars) and Dr Yu ZHENG; 2006.9- 2010.7: B.S. in Pharmacy, West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University, The study on compound bergenin intragastric floating tablets, under the supervision of Prof Yuan HUANG​. Awards: Poster Prize at the RSC Materials Chemistry Division Poster Symposium (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016); Graduate School International Travel Award ( University of Queensland, 2016); China Scholarship Council Scholarship (CSC, 2013-2017, PRC); UQ International Scholarship (UQI, 2013-2017, University of Queensland); National Scholarship for Graduate/Postgraduate Students (2012, PRC, Top 1%); Excellent Graduate Student, Sichuan University (twice); Excellent Graduate Thesis (2010, Sichuan University, Top 5%); National Expense for Master’s Study (Ministry of Education, PRC); The Medicine Scholarship by Daiichi-Sankyo Corporation, (2008, Japan, Top 2%). 

Key Publications

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