Dan Cheng specialises in design and synthesis of novel silica and carbon nanoparticles

Dan Cheng received her bachelor and master degree in Material Science and Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Techonology in China. She is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Chengzong Yu and Dr. Hao Song at the AIBN in Australia. Her research forcuses on design and synthesis of novel silica nanoparticles for DNA delivery.


  1. Dan Cheng, Shevanuja Theivendran, Jie Tang, Larry Cai, Jun Zhang, Hao Song*, Chengzhong Yu*, Surface chemistry of spiky silica nanoparticles tailors polyethyleneimine
    binding and intracellular DNA delivery. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2022, 628, 297-305
  2. Dan Cheng, Jun Zhang, Jianye Fu, Hao Song*, Chengzhong Yu*, A Hierarchical Spatial Assembly Approach of Silica-Polymer Composites leads to Versatile Silica/Carbon Nanoparticles, Sci. Adv. 2023, In press.