Project Summary

MSCs under the microscope (blue: DAPI; green: beta-gal)
This project aims to study the microenvironment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) senescence in vitro by: a.) integrating real-time measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen concentration and flow rate into a microfluidic bioreactor device platform; and b.) permitting the extraction of cells and cellular secretions from defined microenvironments for further molecular analysis, such as gene and protein expression. By precisely measuring and controlling the conditions (pH, oxygen and flow rate) of the microenvironment we will be able to identify optimized conditions that actively inhibit or delay mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) senescence during extended ex vivo expansion, a significant roadblock to their effective use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

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stem cells, microfluidics, tissue engineering, bioreactor, lab-on-a-chip

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Professor Justin Cooper-White

Senior Group Leader
Cooper-White Group
UQ-StemCARE Director