Funding to boost life-changing research at AIBN

2 June 2020


AIBN researchers have secured more than $4.3 million in funding via National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator Grants. The funding, which will commence in 2021, will support research into the design of new nanomedicines and diagnostics.

AIBN extends congratulations to the following recipients:

Professor Tom Davis, who was awarded funding to investigate the development of nanomedicines for the treatment of amyloid diseases (Project: Novel approaches to Nanomedicines for future therapies).

Dr Ruirui Qiao, who was awarded funding to improve the design of MRI contrast agents used in clinical diagnosis of diseases such as cancer (Project: Biocompatible Gadolinium-free contrast agents for molecular targeted MR imaging).

Dr Changkui Fu, who was awarded funding to advance the design of nanomedicines for cancer treatment (Project: Improving the Delivery Efficiency of Nanomedicines to Tumour Tissue).

Dr Hao Song, who was awarded funding to engineer and test bio-inspired spiky nanoparticles for long-lasting oral drug delivery (Project: A Long-Lasting Oral Drug Delivery System Using Spiky Silica Nanoparticles).

AIBN is also delighted to announce that the following researchers have helped secure ARC Linkage Project funding of more than $2.1 million for collaborative industry-partnered research projects in bioengineering and advanced materials design.

AIBN’s Dr Esteban Marcellin and colleagues will partner with Bondi Bioworks Pty Ltd to engineer modified freshwater and marine cyanobacteria to biosynthesise flavours and fragrances.

AIBN’s Professor Chengzhong (Michael) Yu and UQ’s Dr Ashok Kumar Nanjundan will partner with Graphene Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd to develop a new generation of high performance and low-cost cathode matertials for rechargeable aluminum ion batteries.

AIBN’s Dr Muxina Konarova and her colleagues will team up with industry partners Southern Oil Refining Pty Ltd and NBC Meshtec Inc to develop nano-engineered catalysts for sustainable fuel production from waste. The project aims to simultaneously reduce the burden of non-recyclable waste currently going to landfill in Australia, and offset Australia’s reliance on imported diesel to support industry and transport needs. 

AIBN’s Professor Darren Martin, and UQ colleagues Dr Michael Heitzmann and Dr Mahshid Firouzi will team up with Oilfield Piping Systems Pty Ltd and Duromer Products Pty Ltd to develop next generation smart and durable wear guides for natural gas wells.

Professor Martin is also collaborating with UQ’s Professor Han Huang and colleagues to develop high performance nanocomposite coatings for domestic appliances in order to reduce product defects. They will team up with industry partners Graphene Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd and HBIS Group Co. Ltd.