Creating clean energy solutions

It’s no secret the world needs to rapidly reduce carbon emissions. At AIBN, we are world leaders in developing the technology that will enable the creation of clean energy – key to reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future.

The unique interface of bioengineering and nanotechnology allows us to develop specific technology platforms that significantly improve existing energy-generation technologies, at scale, and develop entirely new ones.

Our passionate and dedicated specialist energy researchers work tirelessly each day to help change the future of energy for the better.

We are here to help solve serious energy problems so we welcome partnerships with industry, government and philanthropic organisations.

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Case studies

Some of our next-generation, clean energy solutions include the development of:

Our breakthrough solar power technology – a flexible, printable ‘skin’ that can be applied to hard surfaces – has set a world record for the conversion of solar energy to electricity.
A pivotal collaboration between AIBN, the Queensland Government, Boeing, GE, Mackay Sugar Ltd and IOR Energy, has seen the development of an advanced new aviation biofuel made from sugarcane.
AIBN researchers devised technology to make graphene into more efficient electrodes for powering batteries, improving the performance of aluminium ion batteries, also providing a much safer alternative.

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