Professor Lianzhou Wang specialises in Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Clean Energy Applications

Lianzhou Wang is Professor and Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Laureate Fellow in School of Chemical Engineering, Director of Nanomaterials Centre (Nanomac), and Senior Group Leader of Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), The University of Queensland. He received his PhD degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999. Before joining UQ in 2004, he has worked at two leading national research institutions (NIMS and AIST) of Japan as a research fellow for five years. Since joining UQ, he has worked as ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow (2006), Senior Lecturer (2007), Associate Professor (2010), Professor (2012-now) and ARC Future Fellow (2012-16), and is now an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow at Chemical Engineering School and AIBN. Prof. Wang has contributed 3 edited books, 14 edited book chapters, more than 600 journal publications (including top ranking journals such as Science, Nature Energy, Nature Commun, Angew. Chem., Adv. Mater., etc.), filed 19 patents and delivered over 130 plenary/keynote/invited presentations. His publications have received >52,000 citations with a H-index of 123 (Google Scholar). Prof. Wang is serving as Editor/Associate Editor/Editorial Board member of more than 10 international journals including Advanced Materials (Wiley Publishing group, Impact factor 32.09). He is named on the list of the Clarivate’ Highly Cited Researchers (Top 0.1% researcher in the world). He has won a number of prestigious Fellowships/awards including STA Fellowship of Japan, ARC QEII Fellowship of 2006, UQ Research Excellence Award of 2008, Scopus Young Researcher Award of 2011, ARC Future Fellowship of 2012, UQ Research Supervision Award of 2018, ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship of 2019, and Research Excellence Award in Chemical Engineering of 2019. Prof. Wang is the elected fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and Academia Europaea. On professional services, he serves as the chair of National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering, Australian Academy of Sciences, and the President of Australian Materials Research Society.


Professor Wang is the inventor or co-inventor on 19 patents for the design of innovative materials and technologies that underpin photocatalytic water purification, low-cost solar cells, new electrode electrodes, and UV-protection coatings. With the support from Dow Chemicals, Printed Energy, Lithium Australia & Very Small Particle Company, Pure Battery Technologies and many others, his research team is now developing new semiconductor electrode materials and electronic devices for high energy batteries and flexible electronic applications.


Wang has developed a network of highly productive collaborations with leading researchers nationally and internationally. For instance, more than 57% of his >600 journal papers have involved international collaborations with the leading researchers from over 20 countries in Asia, Europe, and America. His students and ECRs benefit from these collaborations through visiting programs (both inbound and outbound), and joint authorship on research publications.


In the past 20 years at UQ, as a Chief Investigator, Wang have succeeded in winning over30 competitive ARC grants, two CSIRO Flagship Cluster projects, five major CRC programs, and numerous industry funds, totaling the fund of over $55 M.

Key Publications

W Li, M Hao, A Baktash, LZ Wang, J Etheridge, The role of ion migration, octahedral tilt, and the A-site cation on the instability of Cs1-xFAxPbI3 Nature Communications 14 (1), 8523

X. Zhu, T. U. Schulli, X. Yang, T. Lin, Y. Hu, N. Cheng, H. Fujii, K. Ozawa, B. Cowie, Q. Gu, S. Zhou, Z. Cheng, Y. Du, LZ Wang, Epitaxial growth of an atom-thin layer on a LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode for stable Li-ion battery cycling, Nature communications, 2022, 13, 1565

J. W. Hou, P. Chen, A. Shukla, A. Krajnc, T. S. Wang, X. M. Li, R. Doasa, L. H. G. Tizei, B. Chan, D. N. Johnstone, R. J. Lin, T. U. Schulli, I. Martens, D. Appadoo, M. S. Ari, Z. L. Wang, T. Wei, S. C. Lo, M. Y. Lu, S. C. Li, E. B. Namdas, G. Mali, A. K. Cheetham, S. M. Collins, V. Chen, L. Z. Wang, T. D. Bennett, Liquid-phase sintering of lead halide perovskites and metal-organic framework glasses, Science, 2021, 374, pp. 621.

MM Hao, Y Bai, P. Meredith, and LZ Wang et al, Ligand-assisted cation exchange engineering for high-efficiency colloidal Cs1-xFAxPbI3 quantum dot solar cells with reduced phase segregation, Nature Energy, 2020 5, 79-88.

Y Hu, Y Pan, Z Wang, T Lin, Y Gao, B Luo, H Hu, F Fan, G Liu, LZ Wang, Lattice distortion induced internal electric field in TiO2 photoelectrode for efficient charge separation and transfer, Nature Communications 11 (1), 2129

Full list of publications available at UQ eSpace