Project summary

This project aims to explore new functionalities of metal halide perovskite materials for sustainable solar energy conversion and storage, beyond the heavily studied perovskite solar cell application. The key concept is to design new types of toxic Lead free/less perovskite materials for use in an integrated photoelectrochemical hydrogen production and solar rechargeable battery system. Systemic study on the relations between material synthesis conditions, device structure, and performance of the new photoelectrochemical system will be conducted. Expected outcomes are low cost and more efficient solar-to-hydrogen conversion and solar energy storage devices, which are important for sustainable utilisation of intermittent solar energy.

Illustration of a solar battery charged by a) the sun or b) the external power supply, and c) the discharging process.


Project members

Lead Investigator

Professor Lianzhou Wang

Senior Group Leader and Australian Research Council Australian Laureate Fellow
Wang Group

Researchers Involved

Dongxu He

Research Assistant
Wang Group