Xumin Huang specialises in liquid metal nanoparticles, RAFT polymers, and 3D-printing technique

Drawing inspiration from cutting-edge nanotechnology, the synergy between RAFT polymers, liquid metal nanoparticles, and the intricacies of 3D printing remains shrouded in mystery, concealed beneath a Night Veil of untapped potential. This integration holds promise for advancing both the realm of additive manufacturing and the vast horizons of biomedicine applications. In my PhD projects, my primary objective will be to unveil the mechanisms and explore the myriad possibilities for applications within 3D-printed materials enriched with liquid metal nanoparticles.

​2015-2019, Soochow University, China. Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. 

2019-2022, The University of Queensland, Australia. Master of Philosophy.

2021-2022, The University of Queensland, Australia. Research Assistant.

2022-present, The University of Queensland, Australia. PhD Candidate.

Key Publications

Huang, X.; Xu, T.; Shen, A.; Davis, T. P.; Qiao, R.; Tang, S-Y.; Engineering Polymers via Understanding the Effect of Anchoring Groups for Highly Stable Liquid Metal Nanoparticles. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2022, https://doi.org/10.1021/acsanm.1c04138

Huang, X.; Hu, J.; Li, Y.; Xin, F.; Qiao, R.; Davis, T. P., “Engineering Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrids through RAFT Polymerization for Biomedical Applications.” Biomacromolecules 2019, 20, 4243-4257.

Qiao, R.; Huang, X.; Qin, Y.; Li, Y.; Davis, T. P.; Hagemeyer, C. E.; Gao, M., “Recent Advances in Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques and Thrombosis.” Nanoscale 2020, 12, 8040-8064.

Xu, X.; Huang, X.; Chang, Y.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, J.; Isahak, N.; Teng, J.; Qiao, R.; Peng, H.; Zhao, C.; Davis, T. P.; Fu, C.; Whittaker, A. K., “Antifouling Surfaces Enabled by Surface Grafting of Highly Hydrophilic Sulfoxide Polymer Brushes.” Biomacromolecules 2021, 22, 330-339.

Hu, J.; Fang, Y.;  Huang, X.; Qiao, R.; Quinn, J.; Davis, T. P., “Engineering Macromolecular Nanocarriers for Delivery of Gaseous Signaling Molecules.” Adv. Drug Delivery Rev. 2021, 179, 114005