Project summary

The regulation of stem cell behaviour and differentiation is essential for the development of tissue engineering. Mechanical forces have been identified as critical regulators of stem cell fate decisions . The use of mechanical cues or nanostructured materials to regulate stem cell behaviour and differentiation has emerged as a promising approach in the field of mechanobiology. Recent advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to physically regulate stem cell fate using functional nanoscale materials and structures. However, the lack of adequate techniques to fabricate materials with controlled surface structures and mechanical properties on the nanoscale has been a significant limitation in this area.

Leaveraging the state-of-the-art 3D printing technology or nanoparticle synthesis approaches, the overarching aim of this project is to create a collection of bio-inspired nanocomposites that possess precise surface structures and mechanical properties, and to explore their potential in directing the fate of stem cells. "

Project members

Yixin Chang

Research officer
Qiao Group

Xumin Huang

PhD Candidate
Qiao/Davis Group