Qiao Group

Polymeric/inorganic nanocomposites

The Qiao Group, led by Group Leader Dr Ruirui Qiao, focuses on the development of polymeric/inorganic nanocomposites and assemblies for disease diagnosis, gene delivery and targeted therapeutics. The Group has developed multiple inorganic nanohybrids and assemblies including polymer grafted iron oxide, upcoversion nanoparticles, and liquid metal composites as imaging probes in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), optical imaging, and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging for the detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease and amyloidosis.

The Group aims to synergistically combine inorganic and organic chemistry to generate advanced hybrid materials for applications in the diverse fields of precision diagnosis and personalised therapy, with particular interest in the targeted delivery of contrast agents/probes and therapeutics (siRNA, chemotherapeutics). The Group has also been working with industry partners and collaborators on the clinical translation of functional magnetic tracers.


  • Dr Ruirui Qiao

    Group Leader & NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
    Qiao Group