Project summary

Soft robots and actuators are a type of device composed of functional soft materials that can respond to various external stimuli, including electric, magnetic, thermal, and pneumatic forces, to generate movement. They are particularly well-suited for use in soft robotics, wearable sensors, and biomedical devices, where traditional actuators may be too rigid, bulky, or not adaptable enough. This project aims to develop highly controllable and integrated soft actuators enabled by 3D-printed nanoparticle-polymer composites. These actuators are highly flexible, adaptable, and can respond to environmental stimuli, enabling them to perform intricate and delicate tasks with precision.

Project members

Dr Ruirui Qiao

Group Leader & NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
Qiao Group

Dr Liwen Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Davis Group
Qiao Group

Xumin Huang

PhD Candidate
Qiao/Davis Group

Thomas Quinn

Honours student
Qiao Group