Project summary

All-solid-state batteries (ASSBs) show great promise as next-generation large-scale sustainable energy storage systems. ASSBs are potentially low cost, have high energy density, wide operating temperatures, and an excellent safety profile. Solid-state electrolytes are a critical component of ASSBs, as both the medium for transport of ions and to eliminate safety risks associated with leakage and ignition of commonly used volatile liquid electrolytes. However, current solid electrolytes have limited ionic conductivity and poor long-term cycling stability which hinders their commercial application. This project aims to develop a series of new fluorinated block copolymers as SPEs by exploring how different types of fluorinated structures and EO chain mobility determine physicochemical and electrochemical properties, as well as the performance of the SPEs in operational ASSBs.



Power play: new electrolyte means faster, more reliable batteries




Project members


Dr Cheng Zhang

Group Leader and ARC DECRA
Zhang Group