Novel strategies for PFAS remediation

Project summary

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are highly persistent chemicals that have been used extensively in a range of common household products and industrial applications, including non-stick cookware and fire-fighting foams. Unfortunately, the properties that make PFAS so effective in many applications also make them toxic to the environment and human health. PFAS contamination in the environment, particularly in waterways, is widespread, and the Australian Government has set up a PFAS Taskforce to manage PFAS contamination. This project works closely with The Chemours Company and Gold Coast City Council to develop a new, reusable technology for efficient, continuous removal of PFAS from the environment. The new technology enables significant improvements over conventional removal methods. This new technology is an important first step to a PFAS-free world and ultimately protecting Australia’s natural environment and people. The project is currently inviting industry collaboration and support for conducting pilot testing of our newly developed sorbents.


Fluoropolymer Group within the Centre for Advanced Imaging, led by Dr Cheng Zhang.



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Read the free, open-access article, 'Efficient Removal of Perfluorinated Chemicals from Contaminated Water Sources Using Magnetic Fluorinated Polymer Sorbents' here.



Project members

Lead investigator

Dr Cheng Zhang

Group Leader and ARC DECRA
Zhang Group


Yutong He

PhD Student
Zhang Group

Ms Zhuojing Yang

PhD Student
Zhang Group

Dr Xiao Tan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Zhang Group